Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A post from a day off work

Hello again everyone! For those who were wondering, my husband was actually not in Japan at the time of the earthquake, and I of course was very glad he wasn’t. Please continue to give your prayers and support to the people in need over there, as well as continue to pray that by some miracle, the nuclear reactor can be shut down… not likely, I know, but that’s what prayer is for!

Over here in Florida, I have found employment at not one, by two different businesses. I can’t say which ones on here, but I’m sure you can guess. ;)

My current course of study and interest is survival, a topic I was studying before the catastrophe in Japan. I highly encourage everyone to really consider if they are prepared not just for a natural disaster, but also an economical one. My favorite websites on these topics are www.SurvialBlog.com , www.rural-revolution.com, and www.naturalnews.com, I also have recently taken a basic pistol class, and now can’t wait till I’m twenty one so I too, can own a handgun. I didn’t do too bad for my first time shooting either, hit the center of the target a few times. :)

I also, since I am now living on my own, have been learning how to live more frugally, or at least, make the most of my dollars. I am starting a small garden on my apartment patio. (only 3 plants so far, but it’ll be growing!) And have gotten into Swagbucks. Search engine is a bit awful, but hey, I getting amazon dollars back for it!

Also have been able to talk with my husband a lot the past few days, very happy about that! We’re hoping we can arrange a visit sometime in the near future… but, as you know, we don’t plan anything too far ahead. :P

One of the most important things I’ve done this year is copying the Bible, word for word, into a notebook. Only up to Genesis chapter 14, but the reason of those project is to fully learn what God’s word actually says, and, if you write things down, you remember it better. Also, as I go along, there’s another copy of the scriptures completed!

Hope you all are doing well, and, hopefully I will get to do a real post soon! But between working two jobs, time off is for sleep, so no promises. ;)

Here’s a picture I took right after a rainstorm the other day. Enjoy. :)


  1. very cool idea about the Bible! Go, girl, go! And very happy to read that the hubsters was out of harms way! Praise God for that, I figured he was okay since you weren't freaking out and asking for massive prayers for him when it all happened, but I've wondered.

    Your pics of Disney make me sad. I miss my happy place. Oh if I could be down there for a little while experiencing the awesomeness of you and Jen in Disney lol

  2. I was curious what the connection was between economic disaster survival and owning a hand gun? Could you explain that a bit if you have time?