Wednesday, March 2, 2011

T minus 5... 4... 3... 2...

The Space Shuttle Discovery launches on it's final mission, February 24, 2011. Video taken by my good friend and now roomate, FantasiaGoddess7.

So, I am here in Orlando Fl. Long story short, my dad and myself were going to leave California late in the day Feb 20th, take a leisurely scroll across the country, and arrive sometime later that week.

Two things happened. First, the space shuttle launch was announced, so we had to get their by at least Thursday. Second, an audition for my height was at a nearby theme park Feb 22. I knew I had a slim chance of making it through the audition, but I just had to try!

So, in about 2 and a half days, we rushed through Arizona, Texas, stopped at the Alamo, then Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama (where we slept Tuesday night), and finally, FLORIDA! We made it just in time for to me to shower and throw on makeup and head to the auditions where...

I was cut first round! Sad isn’t it, but that's the business. If you’re not the right type they looking for at the moment, thanks but no thanks. Oh well. It was still fun seeing the whole country whiz by. However, I was very happy to get out of the car when we got here!!!

SO I've been unpacking and filling out Job applications, praying God will lead me to the right place of employment and that I won't freeze up during the interview! (Slightly bad habit I need to get over... did I mention I dislike both auditions and interviews. :p ) Anyways, a sneak preview of a new web series by me and me roomie coming soon! And, considering I posted two posts in one dya, it'll be sooner than five months. ;)

See ya!

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  1. At least you got to audition! That in itself would be a neat experience.

    Ooh a web series? I'll be looking for it. :)