Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Long but still a Cliff Notes Version RECAP!

Hello out there Internet World!!! Long time no speak.


Finished my job with the film on November 20th. It was a long three months but I'm still so glad I got the opportunity. Met some really great people and learned a LOT. Hopefully I'll get to work with some of mu buddies again. :) Love you all!!!

My life back home was, kinda put aside while working.  12-14 hour days means little time for much else besides the film. You do grow really close to your coworkers however, and I am so thankful for the Quality INTERNship church. (our self made nickname.) These friends were dear and helped me thru a lot of the emotional and physical baggage I had obtained from the obvious stresses. (see this post) before coming out to work.

 I got to see a lot of countryside,and experience something I've never really experienced before: fall! In California, we really don't get to experience the fullness of seasons. The colors were amazing. The vivid oranges, the striking reds, the shining yellows, all mixed in a kaleidoscope among the greens and blues of the mountains. It was like a oil painting sprung to life. A perfect picture painted by the master craftsman. Breathtaking.

I should have taken more pictures than I did. But I was also driving most of the time, so probably bad idea. I'm a scary enough driver without added distractions! ;)

As I mentioned in our last post, we lost a coworker named Joe Ruggerio. He was a good man, a gentleman from another time, a rugged outdoors man, and a pirate! It's a sad loss, and please continue to pray for his family. Where was he spiritually? I honestly don't know. All I know is that God gives everyone a chance to come to Him and I have peace in that knowledge.

It was a stressful night/weekend when h died. As it was our last day in that location and we had to move to another state the next day! I have to commend our crew for the job they did, keeping themselves and the team strong to handle everything going on and keep the show running. Everyone held up incredibly well under the circumstances. We were able to hold a memorial service for Joe with his family the following week and  think it was a good night of releasing emotion for everyone.

The picture wrapped mid November, and I finished my job (after many months of traveling thru way too many patches of scary trees) November 19th. The next day I flew to Atlanta to visit my friend Jen, and while talking about the fact she needed a roommate still for her apartment in Florida, her mom said something about me, and we all had a "DUH!" moment. So, mid February, I'm gonna be moving to Orlando and trying to get work at a theme park down there. (cough, Disney hire me please, cough. ;) ) And if theme parks don;t work out, there's other jobs and it's a new environment and experience, so why not?

In case your wondering, I can't live with my hubby in Japan. We went through all our options (aka, hours of phone calls and panicking about missing deadlines for me) and decided that at this moment it would be better for us to live apart. We both felt a peace about it and know God will have us where he will for HIS glory. It would be nice to be in the same time zone eventually, but until then, it's trust and long loving phone conversations between US girl and Japan guy. I miss you hon!

But... I will get to see my Stephen December 11th. :D That's right, I'm flying over there for a lovely Christmas visit (and a long overdue honeymoon. ;) ) Gonna be there about a month and looking forward to spending time with my guy in person!

He still has to work while I'm there, so while I'm sitting at the hotel alone, I'll be working on my screenplay about a modern day Paul the Apostle (based on a true story) and putting together the creative elements for ICAP Theatre's spring show. So I shall be able to do my own creative stuff again, and hopefully, the work hours from this past film will help me schedule myself and be productive.

Till next time, yours truly, IN CHRIST

Mackenzie Evans Marts

P.S. Do you like my hat? :)


  1. Yes, I LOVE your hat! And I love YOU! And I miss you! And I'm so excited for all the opportunities God is opening up for you (especially getting to spend a month with Stephen in Japan!). I hope you have a safe flight over there, and a wonderful time with your man! (Be sure to take lots of pictures of Japan for those of us who are stuck stateside! :-D) May God richly bless you, Mackenzie! You are a precious individual! :-)

  2. Mackie, your sassy hat is at a jaunty angle. Nice pic!