Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 19th Year

December 5th, 2010,was my 19th birthday. It rained a little bit as it usually does. A nice soft gentle rain calling you to run around in it and enjoy the freshness of pure water hitting your face.

Because I didn't want to get sick the week before seeing my husband, I stayed inside.

My 19th year, was, I can honestly say, the best year of my life so far. Of course, I say that every year, what else can I say? God is good, and each year I learn more about Him, and He's blessed me with so much.

So, time for a look back at all that has happened and what my hopes for my 20th year are.

Yes I go by birthday resolutions and not by new year's resolutions.

In my 19th year of life:

I turned 18 years old, and did not have a birthday party. I don;t like giving myself a party. But I do like making myself cakes. :D

I figured out that gluten was not good for me, and neither was much dairy, and that watching what I consumed would be beneficial if I wanted to live life without the pain attacks I had been getting.

I helped my fiance Stephen organize his room and his belongings and discovered I really like organizing and putting things in their proper place. I also found out my beloved is a major packrat. lol. I still love him dearly.

I said goodbye to Stephen at 4am on a Monday morning in December, knowing I wouldn't talk to him again for three months.

I flew to Georgia to visit my friend over new years. Us and several boxes of chocolate are not a good thing. ;)

I learned to talk to God about my life and it's problems, and that He really does listen and help. I learned I need to keep talking to him to better learn what His voice sounds like so I don't mix it up with my emotions and thoughts.

I learned it's sometimes best to keep your mouth shut and that not everyone wants to debate what is right and wrong and if something grey is black or white. For the good of everyone, some things aren't that important and I shouldn;t be all concerned about everything being perfect and right.

I got pulled over by a cop for the first time in my life. My brights were on. Whoops.

I got quite good at swing dancing. Hurray coffee depot!

I continued teaching Theatre and began directing/choreographing the biggest musical I had attempted yet!

I learned that a relationship can survive without talking to someone everyday. And that the mail doesn't deliver letters fast enough.

On a Thursday in March I finally got talk to my love face to face again and not just by snail mail. And boy, did he look hot. ;)

Looking at a picture of us, I saw he looked great and in shape with all his nice muscles... and I looked... not so great, and not so in shape. :(

I dropped him off at his next training 10 days later. At least this time I could talk to and see him on weekends.

I spent the next few weekends driving down to Pendleton to see my hon whenever I could.

On a Tuesday in April, I put him on a place to Virgina. Not knowing when I would get to see him in person next, or knowing when in the world we would ever get to get married!

I got my braces off in April! My mom didn't notice. Even this past week, other people were still beginning to notice they were gone.

Pinocchio was a huge success. I would like to thank my producer, my mom, and the entire cast for the excellent work. Families were blessed and enjoyed the entertainment. Yay theatre!

I decided to kick my own butt and look great for my wedding whenever it would be.

I looked for job after job after job... nothing.

I got a event filming job, and enjoyed editing the DVDs. DVD menus and credits are fun to create.

I filmed a short PSA.

I got in shape. And was the healthiest I had been in a long time.

On June 22, 2010, Stephen IMed me a message saying he was being stationed in Japan at the end of July. SAY WHAT?????

I thought about it for a millisecond, decided "Why not?" (my new catchphrase) and said "Alright, I'm coming with you, let's get married."

Thank God for my mom and her ability to get things done quick. We booked the place and started making wedding arrangements.

On June 25th, I announced my wedding date: exactly a month away.

Right after midnight on July 2nd, I picked up my beloved at the airport. On July 2nd, we kissed for the very first time.

On July 6th, we were legally married at the courthouse. I wore a simple blue summer dress, and he wore a nice collared shirt and tan pants. It was just us, our parents, and each of our youngest siblings in attendance. Afterwards, we ate at Olive Garden.

That day, we began the adventure of driving everywhere around southern California turning in paperwork for him and me and us and the government and AAAAHHHH!!! Too much driving!!!!!!!!!!

The next week was a honeymoon at Disneyland. A place full of many relationship memories. And I'll just say I sure do like being married. ;)

Unfortunately, had to go back home at the end of the week and do more paperwork and wedding planning!

Was so stressed out about everything i didn;t bother to tell people we wee already married. Too much going on, and I just wasn't ready to deal with questions at the moment. I was very stressed and I hope people forgive me for avoiding sharing details of my life then. 

The day before my wedding, I felt... pregnant. 

The day before my wedding I fund about about a job with a movie. I applied.

On July 25th, 2010 I married my best friend on the most perfect and beautiful day. Everything was wonderful and pretty, and everyone had a great time, and all I can say is thank you God that was exactly what I wanted it to be like. I was dressed in the most beautiful dress ever and my man looked so handsome in is dress blues. Everyone else looked great to in the wonderful world of turquoise.

The next morning, July 26th, I took my husband to the airport and put him on a plane to Japan.

Came home, ate some wedding cake and watched movies with my family.

Realized People took over 3000 pictures of my wedding. O_O Went through ALL of them.

Facebook photo tagging spree!

Kept getting moodier, kept eating A LOT, and kept denying I was pregnant.

Finally admitted I was pregnant. The hormones wee hitting at full force and i had every symptom in the book.

I got an important email. I had got the internship with the film!!! I HAD A JOB!!!

August 15th, I heard God speak clearly, asking if I would trust Him and praise Him in all things. I said Blessed be your name Lord, I will. August 16th, I suddenly didn't feel pregnant anymore. I started bleeding. On August 17th, I miscarried my baby: Issac Joy Marts

I learned more about God's heart, and his love. He never let me go.

On September 1st, I flew out to Virginia to begin work on the movie.

During the time, I learned what the body of Christ looked like and got to know and love several dear people.

Since it was the Murphy's law of film,I spent the next 3 months learning how to handle and work through lots of very interesting situations. wow, a lot can happen in a day.

I got paychecks, and I discovered what Mondays and Fridays are.

Learned you can really live with minimal sleep. It's not recommended.

I fell out of shape, my diet was poor and my pains came back. Time to start over working out and eating right again. Dang.

Stephen and me tried our hardest to make it work so I could live in Japan with him. After laying our options out and discussing and praying we felt at peace to not live together at the moment. Do we like the arrangement? Absolutely not. It just made the most sense with what we know from our options no details need to be given (it really is the best choice at the moment).

But... I got my plane ticket to visit him over Christmas and new years! WHOOT!!!!!

Visited my friend in Georgia on the way back from Virginia, and we decided to live together in Orlando Florida next year. Once again, why not?

Came home and slept. And slept. And slept.And slept. And slept. Still sleeping on and off right now!

On December 3, went to Disneyland with my family for my birthday. Had a lovely time.

And on December 5th, went to church, came home, ate cookies, and hung out around here.

So that was the highlights of my year in a nutshell.

My hopes for next year?

To learn to love God more, and follow him more obediently, and show others not only His love, but the fact they need Jesus to save them from their sins so they can have eternal life with God and not go to hell, separated from His presence forever.

My year will be spent following His lead. It's really all I can do or want to do. he knows best. :)

Happy birthday to me! lol.

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