Friday, August 6, 2010

Time Waster PSA

What is this? Is that a video? Mackenzie actually made a video? A non theater performance related video? A video with no copyright restrictions that she can actually post?

Yes she did!!! And yes, it's just a short PSA, but it was made during one of the craziest month ever of my life, and it's the start of several others that i will actually be able to post when done. (yay for original material. ;) ) So enjoy. :)

the inspiration behind this is the fact I have wasted lots of precious time in the past, and I hope not to fall into the procrastination habitation again.


  1. You won yourself a blog award.

    Enjoy! : )

  2. Ah, I love it! What a cutie. And the message is a timely one, to be sure.

  3. Congrats on your marriage!
    ~The Smiths