Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST 6x10 “The Package

"For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

The tale of two doomed lovers by William Shakespeare has been the inspiration of many other stories, where the beautiful damsel and her handsome lover are kept apart by external circumstances. LOST’s own lovebirds, Jin and Sun Kwon, have been given their own Shakespearian tale over the course of LOST.

Thoughts on episode 6x10, “The Package” after the jump.

Jin and Sun, of course, didn’t have the best relationship in the beginning. After all, Jin had to sell his soul to her father to be allowed to marry her. Time on the island not only brought back life and romance to their relationship, it also healed their inability to have children. But instead of a happily ever after, the two were separated when he was left on the exploding freighter, and she flew off in a helicopter to freedom.

A few years and many adventures later, they are both on the same island, but still separated. Jin takes initiative to find his wife, only to be kidnapped by Widmore’s men. The trip ends up to have a hidden blessing, Widmore has pictures of his daughter, Ji Yeon, whom Jin had never met or seen.

On the other island, his wife Sun, took a tumble while running from Smokey, which robs her ability to speak English.

While life in the Island world is still nuts for them, perhaps the Sideways world will grant them a happy ending? Charles Widmore seems to think not.

“I know what you want most is to see your wife and daughter again. But it would be short lived. If that thing gets out, everyone we know and love would simply cease to exist. “

Those words play all too true in the opposite universe.

Jin and Sun are still lovers, but this time, in secret. They are not married and are trying to keep the relationship from Mr. Paik, Sun’s father. If this world is still where everyone’s wants are fulfilled, it appears Sun desired to be stronger and more in control of their relationship. And, being the same resourceful woman, she has saved up money to provide for her and her hon’s escape.

However, parallel storytelling and fate intervenes when Keamy, one of the people responsible for seprating them in the Island world (by blowing up the freighter) shows up.

And once again, he is involved in separating them.

At the end of the episode, what Widmore warned appears to come true as Sun is shot in the abdomen, right where her baby, Ji Yeon, is developing.

Jin and Sun have always been one of the core romances of LOST, and I loved them, since they showed what a strong reconciled marriage could be, even if they could never top Bernard and Rose. It was a disappointment to see that they decided to have a secret relationship in the sideways story. However, it seems to fit the theme of the Sideways World. No matter the circumstances, and no matter what universe, some things will always occur, like a time loop.

Jin and Sun will always fall in love.

And circumstances will keep them apart.

Sayid’s always going to be killing for his brother.

Keamy’s always going to be a jerk.

And Mikhail’s always going to lose an eye.

Are the events of the Island world the set up for this next loop in time? Where circumstances change bit by bit? The questions are however, are the things that change good or bad? So far, everyone’s had a somewhat happier life... except the Kwons and Sayid.


  1. I hardly ever watch TV, so I haven't kept up with the LOST phenomenon, but all the literary references I hear about in the show make more than a little interested!

  2. I think that's why I like it so much. Show's fun on it's own, but you can dig into it and learn so many different cultural things. It makes me feel smater, even if it just random trivia!