Sunday, May 30, 2010

Groovin' with Ken! (Toy Story 3)

If you hadn't noticed, I LOVE pixar movies. I think they have the best films ever made. That being said, I am really excited about and looking forward to Toy Story 3!

And I already found my new favorite Character.

Ken! (of Barbie and Ken)

Here he is sporting his animal lovin' safari outfit.

This character, besides being incredibly amusing and voiced perfectly by Michael Keaton, is an example of how much detail goes into PIXAR's characters.

First, this Ken was a real Ken Doll. You can see here the original trailer for the Animal Lovin' Safari set. (and yes, this is real, not a PIXAR viral invention)

There's a quote, that I can't find at the moment, by John Lassater in talking about this guy's development. The main point of this toy's personality is the fact that he doesn't think he's a "girl's toy". He thinks he's cool and that boys would play with him. He also has never met a Barbie before.

PIXAR is also known well for their amazing animation. You can see in this clip below, not only is his character well personified in his lines and voice, but his actions and movement. The look of the whole film is beautiful, with a realistic yet still animated feel.

This video one was shown at Comic Con last year. First time they revealed a new character. it's even funnier when you're watching it with 6,000 of your closest friends. ;)

So, that was Ken, and I hope you'll all go out and support PIXAR by seeing Toy Story 3!!!

(no, this very fan-girl post was not sponsored by PIXAR. ;) Mackenzie is allowed to be a nerd too.)


  1. Hey girl. :) I would have emailed this directly to you, but I don't see your email address listed on here anywhere.

    This is the bigger story of how I married my husband. (I took your advice.) Enjoy. :)

  2. I had safari/animal loving barbie's jeep, several of the animals, and the clothes... never KEN'S outfit though lol...

    Ken was just this side of... well...