Sunday, May 30, 2010

Groovin' with Ken! (Toy Story 3)

If you hadn't noticed, I LOVE pixar movies. I think they have the best films ever made. That being said, I am really excited about and looking forward to Toy Story 3!

And I already found my new favorite Character.

Ken! (of Barbie and Ken)

Here he is sporting his animal lovin' safari outfit.

This character, besides being incredibly amusing and voiced perfectly by Michael Keaton, is an example of how much detail goes into PIXAR's characters.

First, this Ken was a real Ken Doll. You can see here the original trailer for the Animal Lovin' Safari set. (and yes, this is real, not a PIXAR viral invention)

There's a quote, that I can't find at the moment, by John Lassater in talking about this guy's development. The main point of this toy's personality is the fact that he doesn't think he's a "girl's toy". He thinks he's cool and that boys would play with him. He also has never met a Barbie before.

PIXAR is also known well for their amazing animation. You can see in this clip below, not only is his character well personified in his lines and voice, but his actions and movement. The look of the whole film is beautiful, with a realistic yet still animated feel.

This video one was shown at Comic Con last year. First time they revealed a new character. it's even funnier when you're watching it with 6,000 of your closest friends. ;)

So, that was Ken, and I hope you'll all go out and support PIXAR by seeing Toy Story 3!!!

(no, this very fan-girl post was not sponsored by PIXAR. ;) Mackenzie is allowed to be a nerd too.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Reading is Swell!

All too often I hear people saying stuff that's totally and completely re-donk-u-lous. They hear something, and assume they are suddenly informed on everything about that subject. Or, they follow the arty line of what everyone else is saying/believes on the subject. It happens most when people talk about different religions (no matter what you believe, at least respect others enough to know what it is exactly they believe!) and politics.

Today's citizens and politicians support programs and bills... but they never actually ready them. They hear the summary and assume the rest based on their worldview.

So let's take a lesson from the Reading Frog, and learn the importance of reading things before judging them.

Thank you and have a nice day. :)

Thanks to Roger Hedgecock for video.
Arizona Immigration bill found here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The End of the "LOST" story.

In creating a story, one of the most important things to consider is the payoff. Will your audience feel satisfied watching the story? Will they feel you have resolved the questions you presented to them? And will your intended meaning reach them?

Really good stories are able to blend the plot resolve and meaning into a solution that makes the audience feel rewarded for reading or watching the narrative.

Most filmed stories seem to lean towards one or the other. For example, most  summer "popcorn" flicks present a nice wrapped up conclusion to their story, but it usually lacks meaning. Audiences who just want to be entertained usually view these movies.

Dramas will present character growth in a way that also challenges the viewer to take the meaning and apply it to their own life.

Another popular genre is the mystery. It usually focuses on the puzzle pieces of the case, inviting the audience to guess and piece together the answer, seeing if they were right in the end.

Stories that are well received usually stick to their own genre. Even if there are plot twists and surprises, it generally does not go into the realm of "what the... just happened?"

To suddenly throw a incredibly ridiculous and unnatural plot twist into a story is known as "jumping the shark" or, as I prefer to call it,  "nuking the fridge". (no, I am not fond of the wannabe an Indiana Jones 4 movie.)

After the ending of the TV show LOST last Sunday, many fans felt the popular TV show had gone absurd in the final 15 minutes, and that they had wasted six years of their lives. Others connected with the story and were satisfied with the ending.

My analysis and thoughts of "The End" (LOST 6x17) after the jumping shark.

The Unsung Heroes of Cinema.

In anything in life, there's always a group of people who are the hardest workers. The ones who bring everything together. Who are the forgotten, yet extremely important people of the film industry?

The guys who make the credits at the end of the film.

And no, I'm not talking about the people who do the graphic animation on some really cool credits sequences, like this one from Ratatouille.

No, I'm talking about whoever types every single name into the credits.

These are the backbone of the entire industry. The people who have to make sure they include EVERY single name of EVER single person who had any small part of making the film.

And they also have to include their children's' names! (production babies)

They have to make sure every single copyright is in place.

Every name is under the correct department, and in the politically correct order of the list. 



These people deserve an award. Remember their hard work as you leave the movie theater as soon as the credits start rolling, not even bothering to give a few seconds of recognition to the people who put it all together for you.

Have a nice day.*

(*remember, Mackenzie is the queen of sarcasm, and is not mad if you leave the theater without watching the credits, however, she thinks it's polite to stay through the whole thing.)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pinocchio Pictures!

Since I can't legally post the play on this blog, because the rights belong to the amazing LifeHouse Theater,  I'm giving you a quick slideshow so you can see the amazing characters of the play! Enjoy. :)

We auditioned Mid December, and rehearsed once a week, for an hour and a half, from January to April.

In April, we added a few more rehearsal days, put all the costumes, makeup, sets, and props together, and polished up everything.

There were 22 people in the cast from ages 6 to 18. And they took everything I threw at them and made it great.

The result. Amazingness! They did such a wonderful job! I'm so glad I got to teach and direct them this year. It's been such a great experience, and blessing. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST 6x10 “The Package

"For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

The tale of two doomed lovers by William Shakespeare has been the inspiration of many other stories, where the beautiful damsel and her handsome lover are kept apart by external circumstances. LOST’s own lovebirds, Jin and Sun Kwon, have been given their own Shakespearian tale over the course of LOST.

Thoughts on episode 6x10, “The Package” after the jump.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the play went well!!!

My theatre class performed Pinocchio last night, and they did an amazing job! For many, it was their first show ever, and they acted like professionals and gave wonderful performances. :D 

Now that the play is over. Updates will be coming again, along with the video of the play, and a how to on that nose if anyone wants to build their own. See yas!