Friday, April 9, 2010

A Rose by any Other Name… (LOST 6x8 “Recon”)

…would have just as many thorns. Hello readers! I’ve found time to write again, (without having to detonate a nuclear bomb, thankfully!) and I’m catching up on my LOST analysis. A look at the different sides of Sawyer/James Ford in the two LOST realities after the jump!

Sawyer is a man who psychologists would love to interrogate. Imagine them asking the question "Tell me about your childhood?". Of course, Sawyer wouldn't tell them the truth. That would be showing weakness. It would also mean opening up and baring his soul before someone he doesn't trust.
Island Sawyer has learned in life not to trust anyone. They will either turn out to be liars and backstabbers, or they will end up dieing and leaving you alone. However, Sawyer is in no position to judge people. As a con man, he has had his own share of lying to people and leaving them. He led the life of a con man for one end goal: to deliver a letter he wrote as a child to the man who he deemed responsible for his family's downfall and deaths. He also wanted revenge.
After killing Anthony Cooper, Sawyer continued to try to find a way off the Island. Eventually, he ended up stuck in the 1970's. Taking the name "James LaFluer" he got a job with Dharma, eventually becoming the head of security, with Miles Straume as his deputy. He also became romantically involved with Juliette. Surprisingly, he liked this life of a steady working man, and was angered when Jack and Company arrived from the future to change it.
With Juliette dead, he's lost his American Dream life. While the life was nice, their safety in Dhamaton was based on lies.  In this episode, Smokey as John Locke tells the con man he's "The best liar he's ever met." and sends him on a mission to hydra island to lie his way through enemy lines. When meeting members of Charles Widmore's team though, Sawyer once gain tells the truth... until he goes to Widmore. Saywer then tells him a lie so he won't know Smokey's plans. 
He's not taking sides, he's playing both to his own advantage. He's his own man. It's highly likely though that he wishes he didn't have to lie, (or run around a supernatural island fighting off various enemies for that matter) and that he could live a nice, normal, American life. He probably wishes he wasn't so much like the man he spent years hating. As in Dharmaton, he wishes he wasn't Sawyer, but James.
Sideways James Ford is a LA county police detective, specializing in tracking down con men. In this reality, he is no longer a criminal, and has also lost his ability to lie efficiently. Besides that, it appears he's the same character. He seduces woman to get what he wants, (which begs the question, how strange and weird is this universe in that you are allowed to sleep with a suspect while undercover to try and trap them?) he still keeps to himself, and doesn't let anyone get too close, and he's still seeking revenge against the real Sawyer, Anthony Cooper.
He's also incredibly lonely.
He sits in his house alone at night watching Little House on the Prairie reruns, yearning for the simple life presented in the show. While viewing, he listens to Pa Ingalls tells daughter Laura that life is meant to be enjoyed, and if she spends her life worrying about all the bad things, she's going to miss out on the good things. James realizes that he has been doing this. Spending his life worrying about letting people get close to him because of the possibility of getting hurt again.
He decides to open up to his partner in fighting crime, Miles, by telling him about his plans to find and kill Sawyer. He also tries to win back a woman he had chased away after getting mad at her prying into his life. He's rejected, but at least he tried to make things up... by giving her a sunflower.
While most guys give roses, in both realities, Sawyer gives sunflowers. Besides being a symbol of green ideology, (which is opposed to nuclear power, a theme that Sawyer showed in Season five when he objected to blowing up the jughead bomb.) Sunflowers are known for turning their face to the sun. This could mean for Sawyer that no matter what happens, he's going to keep looking towards his idealism of a normal happy existence, and that is what could keep him going until the end of the series.

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  1. yes, we TOTALLY watched all 5 seasons in less than 2 months!
    Season 4 we watched all in one day (because it was due back at the library!) insane! But I loved it and when we were done, we didn't know what to do with our down!

    And thanks for reading our post on "The One"--we appreciate your perspective. It was definitely tricky to write, and we certainly didn't cover everything, but we did our best with the experiences we've had.

    Have a great Saturday!