Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random character improvisation starting points.

For a performing or writing improvisational exercise, take your character and put them in one or more of the following situations, to see how they will react.

1. Character is at the movie theatre. What movie would they watch?

2. Character is at a convenience store, when a masked man comes in with a gun and demands they hand over all the money in the cash box.

3. Character just won the lottery.

4. Character is at the car dealership. What sort of car would they buy?

5. Character’s beloved pet just died. What do they do?

6. Character is going to vote for president. What candidate?

7. What is character’s favorite color?

8. What is character’s favorite childhood memory.

9. Character’s relative just died. How do they respond?

10. Character just got arrested for shoplifting. Why did they steal, or was it a mistake?

Add more in the comments!

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