Saturday, February 13, 2010

People Never Change (LOST 6x3 What Kate Does)

While circumstances may be different, character traits never really change. A Human is divided into 3 parts, the body, the spirit, and the soul. Body is physical, and spirit is, well, spiritual. Those two can change, but the inner soul of a character, their distinctive traits and personality, usually doesn’t differ.

Here’s my LOST episode recap for 6x3 “What Kate Does”.

This episode went to the traditional LOST formula of following mainly one character, and this one followed the girl in the title, Kate Austen.

Kate is, essentially, a static character. She seems to never change her two main traits: running and chasing either Jack or Sawyer. While she is a runner, there are things that hold her in place, and one of them is motherly love. She is part “fixer”, meaning she sees a need and tries to do what she can to remedy it, (which is what makes the Jack/Kate pairing work.) However, she tends to run away from problems that have a negative influence on her life. Her other half is criminal, and a pretty good one at that. (This is why the Kate and Sawyer pairing can also work.) Although she does stop and try to help, she is, a bad guy, who also needs redemption, like most of her fellow losties.
In this episode’s LOST world, she is still stuck between her affections for the two men, who represent her two different sides: Jack, the helper and fixer, and Sawyer, the rough, bad, criminal. However, as she spends time with Sawyer, she sees his pain, and that he really truly loved Juliet. Watching him throw the ring away must have reminded her of her own past loves and marriages (three, if I remember correct) and, since she is emotionally bonded to Sawyer, she felt his heartache.
In Sideways World, she is still running and running, until a stuffed whale stops her in her tracks and sets her straight. Seriously! Kate, beneath her lawlessness, has an incredible mama bear persona. Seeing the picture of pregnant Claire and the baby items brought that out strongly, and she had to go help the poor mother in need.

Something that the LOST writers showed prominently in this episode was how the characters essentially remain the same, no matter what universe they are in, and not just their personalities, but the events the befall them. Kate ends up being their when Claire begins to have birth pains, and takes her to the hospital, where Ethan Goodspeed attends to her. Claire has a fondness for the name Aaron in both universes. Is this an example of destiny? That even if you go back and change the ingredients, you’re still going to get the same results because that’s how history was meant to be? Bringing this example to your own projects is a good idea because it gives you plenty of material to play with. You may know the general outline, and where you want your characters to end up, but since your story is not set in stone, you have the freedom to play with settings and events, to find the best way to present your narrative.

Non Kate thoughts about Kate’s episode: Josh Holloway is an amazing actor. He pulled off all of Sawyer’s emotions beautifully. I felt for the character. Somebody (besides Kate) give the ex con man a hug! The others are still creepy and confusing. Dogen actually had some good notes to say though, about how a leader has to in a sense be somewhat separate from his followers so he can actually lead. Hopefully, Jack is taking notes. His leader side is coming back, as long as he has someone who needs healing. Taking the pill to see if Dogen was telling the truth was a great plan, except for the incredibly dangerous part! Still, it’s nice to see non emo Jack back.

And next week, it looks like its more Smokey action time! Till then, Namaste.

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