Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inspiration and Dress Rehearsals

Inspiration Can truly come from anywhere. A random idea in your head, an event in your life, or and ideal that you believe. Another source of inspiration can sometimes be fellow artists.

Recently, my two year old sister has been on a Cars (the Pixar Movie) streak. She wants to watch it every day. However, no matter how many times my family has seen it, we have not yet grown tired of it. And, I've never grown tired of a pixar movie at all.

One of my goals is too make movies or plays that people just want to watch over and over again, and find new things to enjoy about it each time. Big goal, but hey, why not?

In other news, we getting down to crunch time fro my theatre class for the skit we're putting on at this year's open house! This is always a fun part. Dress and Tech rehearsals are affectionately known in the theatre world as "Hell Week." That would be short for "anything that can go wrong will go wrong and we'll be so frustrated we'll forget important things to do and think that the whole thing is a disaster!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE ALL CRAZY!!!!! HA HA HA!!!! *sob*"

Like I said, fun! Get all the stress out of the way before the performance. *hopefully*. Course, I've been a bit stressed, since it seems I've had a case of technology doens't wanna work for me, and we haven't been able to practice with our music cues at all because I can;t seem to get a CD to work right. Fortunately, a new boom box should be here soon, and I think I figured out what my file problem was. Unfortunately, means we only get three class days with music before performance. Fun.

Hopefully, this CD player works! I'll let you know if it does. toodles everyone.

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