Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once Again...

...long time no post. (smacks self). Well, I shall put posting regularly on my list of things to organize in my life, (though I have recently gotten on track with a lot of stuff, it's a nice feeling. :) )

Anyways, onto the updates.

So, spent a few weeks at UCLA for a Advanced Digital Film making course. And it was definitely an interesting experience. I always love meeting people, and finding out where they come from, and of course, sharing my life with them. The instruction itself was very good, though I have a few problems with the camp's structure. While there, I was part of making 2 short films. Unfortunately, neither of them will be able to go up on YouTube, since UCLA owns the copyright to them, and we used songs we didn't have the rights for.

The first one, was a good experience for me, since I got to do what I really love doing: telling people where to go and how to get there. ;) In the first week, we were put in groups, then self assigned one of the roles in a film production. I picked producer, and I think it's a good job for me, since I enjoy making sure everything runs smoothly. That film was a four minute piece about a young man from the south who leaves his life and girlfriend behind to pursue a career as a Hollywood actor, only to discover that's not teh life he really wants. We cast a couple working actors from UCLA's acting school, and of course got to use professional equipment. (got to use a boom mike for the first time! Handy little thing. :) )So it was a fun experience.

The second week, people who were in this class for college credit had to make another film, a short PSA. I choose the topic of teen pregnancy, with a message on abstinence. Since I wanted actors who also agreed with my stand on the subject, I sent out email and face book casting calls for two whole days, and the day of my shoot, got the three actors I needed. (THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!) I directed and wrote the script, which is about a girl finding out she;s pregnant, and a friend encouraging her to make a choice about what to do with the child. She realizes however, she had another choice, not to sleep with the boy in the first place. It was a reminder for me how important it is for my films to have messages I believe strongly in, and to make them the best they can be to share that view with others.

And then, got to come home! :D Best part of course, always coming back here.

A week later though, I headed out to San Diego to go to Comic Con! That was a blast, and I'll be publishing a trip report tomorrow. (yes, I seriously am. ;) )

Last update of this post, is about my next film project.

My dear little five year old brother, Josiah, had been sad he wasn't a part of Imagination, so I've been working on a script for a movie for him, (he calls it his funny film). For those of you that have seen the Disney Goofy How To... shorts, this will be a live action type version of that in a way. It's about How to Be a Gentleman, with a cute little boy being the gentleman of course. I hope to film it sometime in August.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully soon, I'll have this next film up for you to see, since, if you read this blog, you're hear to watch, not listen to me ramble. ;)