Sunday, May 31, 2009


After the last performance of This Generation a few weeks ago, a member of the Church we rented from talked to their board about us coming back and performing it for their congregation... and that day is today. :D Course, a little concerned cause we had a pickup rehearsal on Thursday, and the kids were a little slow on remembering stuff, but I know that everything will turn out right. :)

Also, been having fun with the job I got a few weeks ago filming other theatre performances. The DVD sales have been a sucess, and as soon as I thought I was done burning them all... I got orders for more! lol.

Still haven;t gotten to actually start work at Knotts yet, went to orientation and that's it. Is it normal to get a job and not start work for over a month? Strange.

And since the play will officially be over today, I'm gonna hopefully get to start work on a new short film script, which will be filmed sometime in June.

I'll post later on how the play went. Take care y'all. :)

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