Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Generation (Musical Play)

Twenty years in the future, a secret laboratory conducts experiments on five clones. When one of these clones, Anthony, discovers a Bible hidden in the lab, he finds a God who loves him, and a purpose for his life.

However, religion is illegal! When the evil scientist Doctor Easton hears of his project's conversion, he orders him to be terminated. Anthony must escape all hes ever known, and go to the world outside the lab.

Will he survive? And will he find his purpose in life? Find out in this full length musical.

Based on the Books by Kaitlyn Brown
Stage play by Kaitlyn Brown and Mackenzie Evans
Directed and Choreographed by Mackenzie Evans
Musical Score by Meghan Hawkes
Performed by the ICAP Theatre Class May 2, 2009
The whole play (8 vids, entire lenght 70 minutes) can be found on this playlist:
I also played the villian, Senator Leslie Swanskin. :D
Please comment!I appreciate critical analysis, questions, discussion, critique... anything you want to say! Hope you enjoy it. :

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