Sunday, May 31, 2009


After the last performance of This Generation a few weeks ago, a member of the Church we rented from talked to their board about us coming back and performing it for their congregation... and that day is today. :D Course, a little concerned cause we had a pickup rehearsal on Thursday, and the kids were a little slow on remembering stuff, but I know that everything will turn out right. :)

Also, been having fun with the job I got a few weeks ago filming other theatre performances. The DVD sales have been a sucess, and as soon as I thought I was done burning them all... I got orders for more! lol.

Still haven;t gotten to actually start work at Knotts yet, went to orientation and that's it. Is it normal to get a job and not start work for over a month? Strange.

And since the play will officially be over today, I'm gonna hopefully get to start work on a new short film script, which will be filmed sometime in June.

I'll post later on how the play went. Take care y'all. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Job Updates

So, strange things happening with the Knotts job, as in they didn't call and give me my schedule when they were supposed to. And the managers haven't been in all week... hopefully will be hearing from them soon.

And good news! A home school theatre group in our area just hired me to film their performances next weekend! And tis a paying job. :D 'm not charging them much, since I will be also doing this for more experience... but I feel like a professional now. :)

So, i figure sometime this week, I'll work on setting up my own website. I'll post the link here of course when it's completed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Generation (Musical Play)

Twenty years in the future, a secret laboratory conducts experiments on five clones. When one of these clones, Anthony, discovers a Bible hidden in the lab, he finds a God who loves him, and a purpose for his life.

However, religion is illegal! When the evil scientist Doctor Easton hears of his project's conversion, he orders him to be terminated. Anthony must escape all hes ever known, and go to the world outside the lab.

Will he survive? And will he find his purpose in life? Find out in this full length musical.

Based on the Books by Kaitlyn Brown
Stage play by Kaitlyn Brown and Mackenzie Evans
Directed and Choreographed by Mackenzie Evans
Musical Score by Meghan Hawkes
Performed by the ICAP Theatre Class May 2, 2009
The whole play (8 vids, entire lenght 70 minutes) can be found on this playlist:
I also played the villian, Senator Leslie Swanskin. :D
Please comment!I appreciate critical analysis, questions, discussion, critique... anything you want to say! Hope you enjoy it. :

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today's the Day! (This Generation)

Well, we finally made it to May 2. Today is the two performances of the play I spent the last YEAR on. I helped rewrite the script, and have directed and choreographed this musical.

In a few days, I'll post the youtube link to the entire performance. :D

Whoo! It's finally showtime!!!