Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Awe of Amazingness - Philips Carousel Commercial

One word. WOW!
This guy is a genius. I'd love to know all the behind the scenes on this short... and it's all one single shot!!! And, it's Dark Knight inspired, so automatic plus from me. ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Have a job!

Last Monday, (April 13), I went down to Knott's Berry Farm for a audition... and on Wednesday, got a phone call! I got the job!!! I'm now going to be working in the entertainment division at Knott's, specifically being friends with the Peanuts characters. :D I still have to pass the physical test, but I don;t see that being a problem. :D

I'll probably start the first or second week of May. Which is right after the play I'm in, and directing, is done!

I'm happy, gonna get to work a acting job this is what I love doing best: entertaining children. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bubblegum Love

Bubblegum Love is a romantic comedy about a comic book nerd who uses an elaborate scheme to get a date, with interesting results.
While I've made a few movies at home before this one, this was my first "kinda professional" one.
I got the idea for the story because of a dear friend of mine's experience of getting stuck in a piece of gum while working as a theme park costumed character. (quite tramatic for her. :P lol, just kidding. ;) )
This started when I signed up to attend the New York Film Academy's one week Teen Camp at Universal Studios Hollywood. That was in July 2008. about a week before, I was trying to come up with the story idea, when my friend told me what had happened to her. I thought it was the funniest thing, and laughed really, really, really hard.
And then I thought, would someone getting stuck in gum make an interesting movie? and if so, who would get the girl out And it turned into a romantic comedy, because I was a hopeless romantic at that time. Well... still am. ;) The superhero theme came from the fact I'm a Batman nerd, and that was the week The Dark Knight came out. (Awesomeness!)
So I wrote the script, made story boards, and headed off to film camp. it was a great learning experience, and I got the constructive help I needed on my script before shooting. Amazingly, the two actors I cast as the lead look exactly like my story board characters do! :D
So overall, it's a cute romantic comedy. How can you tell? I picked the name not only to reflect the actual plot, but to show it's a light fluffy film. Cute, right? ;)
Hope you enjoy it. :)


Welcome to my blog. :D You have now been captured and can never escape!!!! Muh-hah-ha!!!

Just kidding. ;)

But anyways, you can view my current films at my YouTube page.

Each of them will be getting a post, and a little back story.

On this blog, I'll be posting updates of all my film making projects, and completed films.

Hope you enjoy them! :D