Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uncomfortable Movie Summaries

FunnyPost from

All the more realistic plot summaries to your favorite moves. (warning: some are inappropriate).

My favorites from the list:

BATMAN: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.

KILL BILL: Irresponsible mother wants custody of her child.

KING KONG: Endangered animal stolen, shot.

LORD OF THE RINGS: Midget destroys stolen property.

RATATOUILLE: Vermin infest restaurant until it is forced to close doors.

ROBIN HOOD: Disgruntled veteran protests taxes.

STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE: Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.

THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Critique of Catholicism upstaged by polar bear fight.

THE STEPFORD WIVES: Woman has difficulty adjusting to suburban life

TOP GUN: Pilot routinely endangers Air Traffic Controllers.

TWILIGHT: Girl gives up college for stalker.

WALL-E: Obsolete robot disrupts big business, disrupts lives of millions of innocent civilians.

WAR OF THE WORLDS: Immigrants face difficulty acclimating.

WONDER WOMAN: Princess from isolationist culture lectures Americans on equality.

Hope some of them brought a smile to your day.

In other news, I did get a script written for a short PSA yesterday, but right after that, several family members and I got sick. :( Hopefully, will be able to film today after church, and be able to upload tonight.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekend Goal!!!

My Christmas resolution.

Film a movie over the weekend, and put it on youtube before I leave to see a Friend in Georgia Monday Morning.

I have no idea of what story, or how long, or anything yet. Just decided to do it, as a test of conquering procrastination.

And here... we... go!

EDIT: Added challenge, I only have a half of tape to shoot on in this house!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Double Knit

Merry Christmas readers! I hope you are enjoying all the end of the year craziness.

as a present, I give you, theatre's latest skit!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inspiration and Dress Rehearsals

Inspiration Can truly come from anywhere. A random idea in your head, an event in your life, or and ideal that you believe. Another source of inspiration can sometimes be fellow artists.

Recently, my two year old sister has been on a Cars (the Pixar Movie) streak. She wants to watch it every day. However, no matter how many times my family has seen it, we have not yet grown tired of it. And, I've never grown tired of a pixar movie at all.

One of my goals is too make movies or plays that people just want to watch over and over again, and find new things to enjoy about it each time. Big goal, but hey, why not?

In other news, we getting down to crunch time fro my theatre class for the skit we're putting on at this year's open house! This is always a fun part. Dress and Tech rehearsals are affectionately known in the theatre world as "Hell Week." That would be short for "anything that can go wrong will go wrong and we'll be so frustrated we'll forget important things to do and think that the whole thing is a disaster!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE ALL CRAZY!!!!! HA HA HA!!!! *sob*"

Like I said, fun! Get all the stress out of the way before the performance. *hopefully*. Course, I've been a bit stressed, since it seems I've had a case of technology doens't wanna work for me, and we haven't been able to practice with our music cues at all because I can;t seem to get a CD to work right. Fortunately, a new boom box should be here soon, and I think I figured out what my file problem was. Unfortunately, means we only get three class days with music before performance. Fun.

Hopefully, this CD player works! I'll let you know if it does. toodles everyone.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On Politicalness!

A friend of mine has started a website/blog for young people interested in getting involved, discussing, or learning about our political system in American.

It's non partisan and conservative, but we welcome different viewpoints to discuss their opinions.

The website has a blog, where I will be posting once a week. (yes, I really will! Not 100 percent guarantee of course. ;) ) My first post was put up today. If your interested in any of the above, be sure to check it out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome Baby Nathaniel!

On November 20th, Nathaniel Levi Evans joined the Evans family! (He'd be child number 8, I'm the oldest. :) )

Isn't he cute! Thank God for little blessings. :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting!

Movie fight sequences. Almost more unrealistic then falling in love at first sight. In following up my post on setting last week, this week I was thrown into a new setting of my own. Karate.

Now, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do karate, but was more interested in theatre and dancing and various lots of other things. Well, thanks to poking from a few friends, I finally joined. And do I feel like a newbie there. I have to retrain my brain and body from everything it’s used to doing. For example, whenever I go forward to do a punch, I guess my back leg bends are something, and my Sensei keeps calling it a courtesy, and threatens to curtsey himself every time I come by if I don’t stop it. Wow, I am so not a good fighter, lol. Definitely going to take a bit to get used to it, but I am starting to enjoy it… once my body stops complaining about the aches that is.

Anyways, one thing I’m learning is that it takes a LOT of energy to fight, and since it does, you really want to just go in, take the guy out, movie on. Not theatrical, but practical. Now, we all know movie fight scenes have to be elaborate and al, but seriously, ten minutes or even longer for a fight? How do these characters keep going? Realistically, someone’s got to give out a lot sooner than that.

Now I’m not saying movie fights are bad, they are really fun to watch, just… very unpractical. Most of them are very overdone… cept this beauty.

Movie fight sequences. Almost more unrealistic then falling in love at first sight. In following up my post on setting last week, this week I was thrown into a new setting of my own. Karate.

Now, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do karate, but was more interested in theatre and dancing and various lots of other things. Well, thanks to poking from a few friends, I finally joined. And do I feel like a newbie there. I have to retrain my brain and body from everything it’s used to doing. For example, whenever I go forward to do a punch, I guess my back leg bends are something, and my Sensei keeps calling it a courtesy, and threatens to curtsey himself every time I come by if I don’t stop it. Wow, I am so not a good fighter, lol. Definitely going to take a bit to get used to it, but I am starting to enjoy it… once my body stops complaining about the aches that is.

Anyways, one thing I’m learning is that it takes a LOT of energy to fight, and since it does, you really want to just go in, take the guy out, movie on. Not theatrical, but practical. Now, we all know movie fight scenes have to be elaborate and al, but seriously, ten minutes or even longer for a fight? How do these characters keep going? Realistically, someone’s got to give out a lot sooner than that.

Now I’m not saying movie fights are bad, they are really fun to watch, just… very unpractical. Most of them are very overdone… cept this beauty.

Go in, get job done, go out, hehehe.
So, besides Indy, are there any movie fights that are both entertaining, yet somewhat realistic?

Jiust shoot and get the enemy gone. hehehe.
So, besides Indy, are there any movie fights that are both entertaining, yet somewhat realistic?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ever notice how in a lot stories the hero has to go on a great adventure through some kind of wilderness or jungle? I had my own adventure out in the wilderness for a camping /rock climbing trip the past few weekends. (Joshua Tree National Park, great place, good climbing rocks!) And during the trip, I had my own physical and spiritual challenges to work through and grow from. Now I understand why some stories use natural settings as places to grow characters!

Setting is very important to not only the story, but to the character. Every person has a natural environment they excel in, and it’s often times where they live. In the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is quite comfy in peaceful Hobbiton. But, if he had stayed there, there would have first of all, been no story of course, and second, not much character growth. The journey through the wilderness of Middle Earth forced him to change his character traits to survive in this new place.

A good story telling tool is to take your characters out of the environment they are used to or comfortable in and put them in the exact opposite to see how they will change to adapt and excel, or fail. That doesn’t mean everyone has to go into the wilderness to have that happen. It would not try George of the Jungle much to just put him in another jungle, out if you put him in the city, he has to learn how to survive in that place. Some other examples include a football player in a dance class and a spoiled rich girl in a poor house. Ways of changing a character’s setting often aren’t just locations, but ideas or circumstances.

They also don’t have to be placed in a setting they hate to grow them. Maybe they want to be there, but didn’t realize the challenges that would come with it. An example of this is Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. She wanted a pirate adventure… but the reality was a lot different than her romanticized idea.

Changing a character’s setting could also include not moving them at all. In a screenplay I’m currently working on, a dancer loses her hearing, and must learn to live in the exact same place she’s been, but with her disability changing lots of circumstances.

What are some of your favorite stories that showcase throwing a character into a different setting and why?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This year I’m teaching a Jr. High and High school theatre class at a home school co-op. Every actor must do them… quite a few times in their life. I’ve had my share of them, and, like most other actors, both hate em and love em. I mean, they can’t be all bad; it’s a job opportunity. But…
Two or three people, watching you…. and you only. And not only watching, but judging! The pressure, the nerves, and, if you don’t get the part, or even a callback, you feel like a complete and other failure.!

Which is why I had fun yesterday auditioning other people. ;) Lol, just kidding. If any of my theatre peoples are reading, love you guys! Since I know the pressure, I try and not to make my auditions scary. (And I was also glad it wasn’t me auditioning for once!) So I’d figured it was a good topic to blog about.

No matter what side of the table you’re on, it’s a hard thing. It’s usually three minutes and just a few lines to determine what part you should have. Thankfully, for my peoples, they are guaranteed a part by being in the class, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a part they want, or their first choice. Also, it’s just a few minutes to try and judge the person’s character, not just the one they’re acting. If you’re gonna be working with them closely on a project, you try to see if this person has a good attitude.

Now, no matter if you’re working on a film or theatre project, this rule always follows. No matter how good of a story you have, the whole of the project rests on the cast. Sitcoms, for example, are usually incredibly silly writing and plots, yet, some are incredibly funny due to the actor playing the part. That’s why auditions are important, you need to see how a person would do in that part.

Unfortunately, there’s so little time to see each person, or sometimes, you need to cast right then. (big budget movies sometimes spend a year in casting, lucky them.) So, below, I have reminders and tips for both actors and directors about how to have a good, fun, but productive audition. This is especially written for people who know each other closely. Since if you’re an independent filmmaker like me, you usually cast your friends and family, and if things go wrong, you really don’t want those to ruin relationships.


Always expect to wait. Auditions ALWAYS run over time, even if these are the most organized people in the world.

When it’s getting close to your turn, start getting in character, if you know your auditioning for a certain part. That does NOT mean come into the room in character…WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER DO!

We want to see who YOU are. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the perfect part for you based on your natural personality. Also remember, the people auditioning you are only judging your acting skills, for certain parts, not you. (Unless you go in and act unprofessional or insulting, of course, then don’t expect them to ever call you back for anything.)

You may be a fantastic actor, but, if you’re a 6 foot tall basketball player, there’s no way I’m putting you as one of the seven dwarves. Don’t forget, the audition is not about you at all, it’s finding the right person to play a specific character.

Be prepared for anything. One of my favorite auditing others moments was when I was casting Bubblegum Love. All these girls kept coming in, and I would have them place their foot on the floor, and try their hardest to get out of the imaginary gum I said was there. They were not expecting to do anything like that at all.

Remember when you act, you’re just playing. When we were little, we all played cowboys and Indians, or spaceman, or knights, or princesses… this is no different. Cept, a little more professional and better acting of course. ;)

Once again, point of auditioning, is to get cast for a part in a story. Everyone should want the best people for the job, and it may or may not be you. If you are good friends with the director, don’t expect to get a part just because of that, also don’t expect to not get a part because of that. As a friend or acquaintance, you want their project to turn out good, so if you don’t get the part, don’t hold it against them.

Always say thank you. It’s a privilege to be here.

Most of all, have fun, if you like acting, then play with it and be a good sport. :)


Yes some of these are your dear friends and family members, but your project is what this whole shindig is about. Love your friends and family, but remember to treat this as a professional project. You want to cast the right people, to make the overall thing a success.

Try not to scare the auditioners. I know its fun being in control, but be nice. They already nervous enough. ;)

You will run late. Don’t rush people because of it though. They have worked hard preparing for your two minutes, so let them have the time they need to read the part.

Remember, they are sensitive creatures, so make sure your words are gracious and when you give direction, don’t make it seem like they’re doing it wrong. They don’t know what you want from them, so have a good attitude and have fun watching their talent.

If you know right away you don’t want them for the part, let them finish the audition. It’s a common courtesy, and it gives you a chance to just watch them as possible actors for you or anyone else.

Always tell them thank you for coming.

Follow up with a note or email if they are not cast, and if they are cast, call them back right away to let them know. For those not cast, be encouraging. Even if you don’t need them right now for this project, who knows what they could be used for in the future.

Most of all, even though you are under stress, have fun and enjoy the auditions. :)

Wow, two posts in one week! lol, that a record for me. Next post, some news about my personal life. For the few people reading, God Bless and talk to you soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noah! A Musical Production

Noah, Aka, the best Theatre performance I’ve ever seen, is a musical by Lifehouse Theatre in Redlands CA, that I had the blessing of seeing this past weekend.
Now, theatre is my first entertainment love. When I was six years old, I saw my first musical, The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe, and that was a big part of me coming to believe in and follow Christ. I feel theatre can be a powerful tool, and want to use it for HIS glory. Now, because I love theatre, so much, I am highly critical of plays I see or am in, especially if they’re trying to send a Biblical or Godly message.

Now, for me to say something was the best musical theatre production I’ve ever seen, it had to have met high standards and requirements.
1. It must be God honoring, and show his message accurately. Obviously, not everyone agrees with this, but I believe Jesus is Lord, so a play to be really good, must proclaim him.

2. It must be THEATRE!!! A lot of productions, especially huge Broadway shows, could easily be redone on film. A true theatre production is something you can really only experience live.

3. It must be entertaining, and emotion moving, but you must leave the show feeling inspired. (if you’re a Christian, and if your not, you should still be leaving the theater going that was a really good show!) And most of all, uplifting.

4. You want to see it again and again, it’s that good. And those songs are so catchy you can’t help singing them for days on end.

Noah met all of these.

The setting is a bunch of actors just coming out on stage and putting on a musical. The set was just three ladders and 8 chairs. (one chair for each cast member) On each side of the stage, where suitcases for each actor containing all their costumes and props.
Before the show started, the actors came out on stage and just started playing around. Talking with each other, stretching, playing games with each other and the audience, vocal exercises, all the stuff you would normally find going on backstage before a show starts. When it was Showtime, they just all came to the front, and said “Now presenting the story of Noah!” and the show began.
Since everything they needed was on the stage, they never left the stage during the 90 minute show. (plus the half hour preshow).

The show was a variety of different song styles and the actors switching form character to character in incredibly funny scenes and songs. They eventually became the 8 people who survived the flood on the ark, Noah’s clan. While it was filled with humor, the serious message was also present. They and the audience cried as the lights went out in the ark and you hear the voices of those left to judgment pleading for another chance.
While it’s hard to switch from humor to seriousness, this cast and script did that flawlessly. Not a dull moment was to be found in this production.

The acting and singing and dancing was incredibly every single step of this show had to be choreographed with all the running and costume switching they did.

The message especially hit home from the actor who played Noah, when, while building the ark, he asked God: “I’m to save the world with hammer, nails, and wood now, but I know me and my family will still be sinners, in need of a savior. Are you going to send someone to save the world by hammer, nails, and wood again?”

Unfortunately, I went to the second to last performance, so it might be a whole before Lifehouse runs it again. But, if you’re in SoCal, I highly recommend all of Lifehouse’s productions. They are seriously good at what they do, even if they only a “community theatre”. Never under estimate community theatre I say! Here’s their website.

For me personally, this performance was inspiration, since I’ve been going through a lot of artistic block lately, not feeling like making my own stuff. This showed me how powerful art can be, and who I need to do it for, and why. Thank God for Lifehouse Theatre, and it’s gotten me on the bug to writing and filming and directing stuff again. (Hey, writing a blog post I think shows that! lol) Hope to be doing it more often again.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once Again...

...long time no post. (smacks self). Well, I shall put posting regularly on my list of things to organize in my life, (though I have recently gotten on track with a lot of stuff, it's a nice feeling. :) )

Anyways, onto the updates.

So, spent a few weeks at UCLA for a Advanced Digital Film making course. And it was definitely an interesting experience. I always love meeting people, and finding out where they come from, and of course, sharing my life with them. The instruction itself was very good, though I have a few problems with the camp's structure. While there, I was part of making 2 short films. Unfortunately, neither of them will be able to go up on YouTube, since UCLA owns the copyright to them, and we used songs we didn't have the rights for.

The first one, was a good experience for me, since I got to do what I really love doing: telling people where to go and how to get there. ;) In the first week, we were put in groups, then self assigned one of the roles in a film production. I picked producer, and I think it's a good job for me, since I enjoy making sure everything runs smoothly. That film was a four minute piece about a young man from the south who leaves his life and girlfriend behind to pursue a career as a Hollywood actor, only to discover that's not teh life he really wants. We cast a couple working actors from UCLA's acting school, and of course got to use professional equipment. (got to use a boom mike for the first time! Handy little thing. :) )So it was a fun experience.

The second week, people who were in this class for college credit had to make another film, a short PSA. I choose the topic of teen pregnancy, with a message on abstinence. Since I wanted actors who also agreed with my stand on the subject, I sent out email and face book casting calls for two whole days, and the day of my shoot, got the three actors I needed. (THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!) I directed and wrote the script, which is about a girl finding out she;s pregnant, and a friend encouraging her to make a choice about what to do with the child. She realizes however, she had another choice, not to sleep with the boy in the first place. It was a reminder for me how important it is for my films to have messages I believe strongly in, and to make them the best they can be to share that view with others.

And then, got to come home! :D Best part of course, always coming back here.

A week later though, I headed out to San Diego to go to Comic Con! That was a blast, and I'll be publishing a trip report tomorrow. (yes, I seriously am. ;) )

Last update of this post, is about my next film project.

My dear little five year old brother, Josiah, had been sad he wasn't a part of Imagination, so I've been working on a script for a movie for him, (he calls it his funny film). For those of you that have seen the Disney Goofy How To... shorts, this will be a live action type version of that in a way. It's about How to Be a Gentleman, with a cute little boy being the gentleman of course. I hope to film it sometime in August.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully soon, I'll have this next film up for you to see, since, if you read this blog, you're hear to watch, not listen to me ramble. ;)


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hello everyone! Long time no post. Been a bit busy.


IMAGINATION won second place at the film fest! :D Nice first starting step for me. Hopefully, next film i make i can enter to more venues.

I'm currently at UCLA for a two week digital film making class. Chances are, I probably won't be able to post the final project cause of copyrights, however...

I currently have two scripts written for short films and plan to start production on one of them as soon as I come home from this class! When I get home, I'll also post a synopsis on here.

And hopefully, when i get home, I'll post in this blog more regularly. see you all then!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I got a phone call last night from the Santa Monica Teen Film Fest! My short, Imagination for screening. :D So I figured it was a good time to do a blog post about it.

Imagination is about two boys who find a stick in their park playground, and imagine the adventures they could go on with it.

I came up with the idea last year after attending film camp. I wanted to make a film that was fun, and showcased my brothers. (aren't they awesome? :D ) So I wrote it as something they, and most other kids, would do when finding a stick. Turn it into guns and swords. ;)

I wrote the script, then school started last year, and I never got time to film it. Last April, I joined a film mentorship program, ( and got the incentive I needed to actually make it.

One of the challenges in filming this was to have the different sections, dream and reality, match up smoothly. I filmed the park segments first, then would go and freeze frame the video, so when time to film the dream segments, I would have them be as close as they were position wise to the park shots.

Another challenge was the green screen. Note, generic duct tape is not good for holding up green screens! But after lots of fighting and fiddling with that, it came out pretty decent.

The overall goal of the film was just to be a fun thing to watch, and practice with different types of effects and shooting techniques. As always, I hope you enjoy it. :)

And it will be shown at the teen film fest June 21, 2pm. If you're in the area, come check it out, admission is free.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


After the last performance of This Generation a few weeks ago, a member of the Church we rented from talked to their board about us coming back and performing it for their congregation... and that day is today. :D Course, a little concerned cause we had a pickup rehearsal on Thursday, and the kids were a little slow on remembering stuff, but I know that everything will turn out right. :)

Also, been having fun with the job I got a few weeks ago filming other theatre performances. The DVD sales have been a sucess, and as soon as I thought I was done burning them all... I got orders for more! lol.

Still haven;t gotten to actually start work at Knotts yet, went to orientation and that's it. Is it normal to get a job and not start work for over a month? Strange.

And since the play will officially be over today, I'm gonna hopefully get to start work on a new short film script, which will be filmed sometime in June.

I'll post later on how the play went. Take care y'all. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Job Updates

So, strange things happening with the Knotts job, as in they didn't call and give me my schedule when they were supposed to. And the managers haven't been in all week... hopefully will be hearing from them soon.

And good news! A home school theatre group in our area just hired me to film their performances next weekend! And tis a paying job. :D 'm not charging them much, since I will be also doing this for more experience... but I feel like a professional now. :)

So, i figure sometime this week, I'll work on setting up my own website. I'll post the link here of course when it's completed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Generation (Musical Play)

Twenty years in the future, a secret laboratory conducts experiments on five clones. When one of these clones, Anthony, discovers a Bible hidden in the lab, he finds a God who loves him, and a purpose for his life.

However, religion is illegal! When the evil scientist Doctor Easton hears of his project's conversion, he orders him to be terminated. Anthony must escape all hes ever known, and go to the world outside the lab.

Will he survive? And will he find his purpose in life? Find out in this full length musical.

Based on the Books by Kaitlyn Brown
Stage play by Kaitlyn Brown and Mackenzie Evans
Directed and Choreographed by Mackenzie Evans
Musical Score by Meghan Hawkes
Performed by the ICAP Theatre Class May 2, 2009
The whole play (8 vids, entire lenght 70 minutes) can be found on this playlist:
I also played the villian, Senator Leslie Swanskin. :D
Please comment!I appreciate critical analysis, questions, discussion, critique... anything you want to say! Hope you enjoy it. :

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today's the Day! (This Generation)

Well, we finally made it to May 2. Today is the two performances of the play I spent the last YEAR on. I helped rewrite the script, and have directed and choreographed this musical.

In a few days, I'll post the youtube link to the entire performance. :D

Whoo! It's finally showtime!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Awe of Amazingness - Philips Carousel Commercial

One word. WOW!
This guy is a genius. I'd love to know all the behind the scenes on this short... and it's all one single shot!!! And, it's Dark Knight inspired, so automatic plus from me. ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Have a job!

Last Monday, (April 13), I went down to Knott's Berry Farm for a audition... and on Wednesday, got a phone call! I got the job!!! I'm now going to be working in the entertainment division at Knott's, specifically being friends with the Peanuts characters. :D I still have to pass the physical test, but I don;t see that being a problem. :D

I'll probably start the first or second week of May. Which is right after the play I'm in, and directing, is done!

I'm happy, gonna get to work a acting job this is what I love doing best: entertaining children. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bubblegum Love

Bubblegum Love is a romantic comedy about a comic book nerd who uses an elaborate scheme to get a date, with interesting results.
While I've made a few movies at home before this one, this was my first "kinda professional" one.
I got the idea for the story because of a dear friend of mine's experience of getting stuck in a piece of gum while working as a theme park costumed character. (quite tramatic for her. :P lol, just kidding. ;) )
This started when I signed up to attend the New York Film Academy's one week Teen Camp at Universal Studios Hollywood. That was in July 2008. about a week before, I was trying to come up with the story idea, when my friend told me what had happened to her. I thought it was the funniest thing, and laughed really, really, really hard.
And then I thought, would someone getting stuck in gum make an interesting movie? and if so, who would get the girl out And it turned into a romantic comedy, because I was a hopeless romantic at that time. Well... still am. ;) The superhero theme came from the fact I'm a Batman nerd, and that was the week The Dark Knight came out. (Awesomeness!)
So I wrote the script, made story boards, and headed off to film camp. it was a great learning experience, and I got the constructive help I needed on my script before shooting. Amazingly, the two actors I cast as the lead look exactly like my story board characters do! :D
So overall, it's a cute romantic comedy. How can you tell? I picked the name not only to reflect the actual plot, but to show it's a light fluffy film. Cute, right? ;)
Hope you enjoy it. :)


Welcome to my blog. :D You have now been captured and can never escape!!!! Muh-hah-ha!!!

Just kidding. ;)

But anyways, you can view my current films at my YouTube page.

Each of them will be getting a post, and a little back story.

On this blog, I'll be posting updates of all my film making projects, and completed films.

Hope you enjoy them! :D